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01 Март 2021, 04:02:02
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1  FC Juventus / Juve fans all over the world / Juvenorge.com : 18 Февраль 2011, 00:12:23
Hello guys!

Just joined your forum and Im really impressed with such good coverage over Juventus. Good job! Found your website a while back, browsing for news about Bianconeri.

Im originaly from Russia, but moved to Norway a while back, have been a Juventini since the age of 7. Dont have russian letters ingraved on my Mac, so Ill communicate in english, even though my russian is rock-solid. Улыбающийся

Here in Norway we have our own website www.juvenorge.com, which is our soon-to-be supporter club. Hope to travel to new Delle Alpi next season to see our team perform live.

Our forum has a lot of active users, please dont hasitate joining or even commenting in english. www.juvenorge.com/forum.

Forza Juve!! Смеющийся
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