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About the project

Information and entertainment website www.forzajuve.ru was launched on 26 December 2001 and is the largest site of Russian internet which unites Russian-speaking fans of football club Juventus.

Our project is intended to be the centre for communication of Russian-speaking fans of «Old Lady». It provides visitors with the latest news, relevant statistical information of the club and its players, various exclusive content, photos and videos from all matches involving FC Juventus. You can find here the rich history of development of our great FC Juventus, key personalities in its history. You will discover here a lot of interesting facts from players’ and coaches’ lives, complete statistics for each player, match and tournament.

In addition, the project was the first in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) which got the official status of fan-club FC Juventus, whose members also have a number of privileges. More details about this information can be found in the relevant section.

The website forzajuve.ru is involved in organizing and holding events at various levels among the fans: conventions of fan-club «Cavalieri Della Signora», watching football matches in sports bars, trips to the matches of FC Juventus, helping fans to purchase tickets for matches of Juventus in Italy, participating of fan-club football teams in amateur soccer tournaments in different cities, various quizzes for members of fan-club, assistance in purchasing official football uniforms and attributes of FC Juventus and fan-club «Cavalieri Della Signora» and much more.

Without any doubt, our project can be called interactive because the content and the technical support are implemented by the participants of the project, that’s why many materials are really exclusive.

In recent years the project has changed, much has been done, but we are not going to rest on our laurels and we will always move forward - together with you. Our team is working on quality - it is primarily emotional supply of information, opinion of editors and individual authors and also feedback from members of the fan-club and visitors. Therefore, any proposals and suggestions please send to info@forzajuve.ru or use the feedback form.

Editorial staff

Project director: Myshakin Alexey (info@forzajuve.ru, nickname at the site: Leha)

Project coordinator: Treshchev М. (5009185@mail.ru, nickname at the site: Jkr)


Al-Daud Samir (samer7@yandex.ru, nickname at the site: Hamm3r) 
Masalskiy Mikhail (mamburum@forzajuve.ru, nickname at the site: MamburuM) 
Kireev Evgeniy (ken@sarov.info, nickname at the site: KEN)
Knjazev Alexandr (alexander.v.knyazev@gmail.com, nickname at the site: Isterbat)

Kopnin Anton (kopninantonbuf@mail.ru, nickname at the site: Buf)
Utsekhovsky Vlad (v.utsekhovskij@gmail.com, nickname at the site: Garfield)

Plotnikov Alexey (deavyinc@gmail.com, nickname at the site: Deavy)
Ferapontov Alexandr (aferapontov@gmail.com, nickname at the site: Alex8596)

Marinina Anastasia (weird10@inbox.ru, nickname at the site: Puma_Supai)

Hlushko Artsiom (hlushkoartem@mail.ru nickname at the site: Artemio FJ)


Gnatuk Andrey (kolt@forzajuve.ru, nickname at the site: Kolt)
Gavrilkina Ekaterina (juvekat@gmail.com, nickname at the site: Lina)

Editors of «Video» and «Photo» section:
Sakharov Ruslan (rsk87@mail.ru, nickname at a site: j4e)